Calgary adventurer ready to tackle Antarctica summit on fundraising journey

He’s climbed Everest without supplemental oxygen. Crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a record 53 days in a rowboat. Climbed the tallest mountain on six of Earth’s seven continents.

That means there’s one that Calgarian Laval St. Germain, 49, hasn’t summited and he’s looking to complete the Seven Summit scorecard by climbing Mount Vinson, Antarctica’s highest peak, in November.

“Vinson isn’t a difficult climb, most of these big mountains aren’t actually, the seven summits,” says St. Germain. Perhaps that’s why he added a detour to his journey. His stay in Antarctica starts with a ski from sea level to the South Pole, a journey that’s expected to take 50 days. Then, a plane will pick him up and carry him the 1,200 kilometres to Mount Vinson, where he will climb to its peak 4,892 metres above sea level in two weeks.


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