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Calgary man climbs tallest peaks on seven continents

With a New Year’s Day climb of Antarctica’s Mount Vinson, a Calgary man has hit the pinnacle of climbing feats, reaching the seven highest points on all seven of Earth’s continents.

Laval St. Germain embarked on a 1,200-kilometre, solo, unsupported full length ski trip to the South Pole before his 10-day climb to Mount Vinson’s 4,852metre peak. READ STORY HERE.

January 1, 2019

A Calgary adventurer has reached the seven highest points on all seven of Earth's continents. January 1, 2019 Laval St. Germain climbed to Mount Vinson's 4,852 metre peak. 

December 8, 2018

Adversity. It’s part of every journey. After painstakingly towing a warped sled that has become dramatically more warped as the load lightens, Laval has made the hard decision to end his South Pole quest and will move on to Pt2:Mount Vinson. He thanks everyone for their support.

“Adversity. It’s part of any journey, but this is a tough one.With an expedition like this, you’re bound to have good and bad days – and then there’s d...

December 5, 2018

Via CBC Radio The Eyeopener Calgary with David Gray and Angela Knight - 

We reach Laval St. Germain by satellite phone hunkered down in his tent, ten days into his solo ski across Antarctica. Listen to the interview here

Laval St. Germain is the only Canadian to have climbed Mount Everest without the use of supplemental oxygen, the only person to have climbed and skied Iraq's highest peak, and the holder of the fastest ever crossing of the North Atlantic Ocean by solo ocean row boat from mainland North America to mainland Europe.

But where does he get his drive. I had the chance to talk to St. Germain about his many layers to find out what driv...

He’s climbed Everest without supplemental oxygen. Crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a record 53 days in a rowboat. Climbed the tallest mountain on six of Earth’s seven continents.

That means there’s one that Calgarian Laval St. Germain, 49, hasn’t summited and he’s looking to complete the Seven Summit scorecard by climbing Mount Vinson, Antarctica’s highest peak, in November.

“Vinson isn’t a difficult climb, most of these big mounta...

October 25, 2018

It’s no secret Calgary is home to some interesting people — we are perfectly situated at the foothills of the Rockies, where cowboys and mountaineers collide with Wild West flair. But there is one person who quite possibly deserves the title of Calgary’s Most Interesting Man. And that’s Laval St. Germain.  READ FULL STORY HERE.

A self-described outdoor athlete and adventurer plans to complete his goal of scaling the highest summit of every continent and hopes his undertaking will inspire others and raise funds for the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

“I’m going to go to Antarctica in November, which is the southern hemisphere’s summer,” explained Laval St. Germain. “I’m going to ski from the coast of Antarctica, a place called Hercules Inlet, to the South P...

He’s climbed Mount Everest. He’s rowed across the Atlantic Ocean. Now... Calgary's Laval St. Germain is setting his sights south. He’s skiing to the South Pole AND climbing the highest peak in Antarctica. Watch story HERE.

August 30, 2018

Laval St. Germain from Calgary is a world-record holding adventurer who plans to ski solo to the South Pole, followed by the ascent of Antarctica’s tallest peak while raising funds for cancer.

St. Germain is one of Canada’s top explorers and his next expedition is called “90˚ South, 7th Summit” which is set to launch this November.

St. Germain, who has summited the tallest peaks on six of the seven continents, will embark on a s...

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Rowing the Ocean in Memory of My Son

January 01, 2020

Canadian adventurer Laval St. Germain has climbed six of the seven highest mountains in the world and cycled across the Arctic. But his biggest test came when his 21-year-old son Richard, also an adventurer,died in a canoeing accident in 2014. Last year, Laval decided to row across the Atlantic in memory of Richard. Listen to the interview HERE.

Meet Endurance Adventurer Laval St. Germain Avenue Magazine

December 05, 2016

The Calgary adventurer broke a world record this past summer for his solo row across the Atlantic, just one of the many feats of endurance he has achieved.

Laval St. Germain, who currently works as a pilot for Canadian North Airlines, has set national and international records by boat, bike and on foot. Last summer, he rowed solo across the Atlantic to raise money for the Alberta Cancer Foundation, completing the journey in a world-record 53 days.  

Read Avenue Magazine HERE.

Alberta Primetime Wrap Up Confront Cancer Ocean Row

September 12, 2016

Although Laval St. Germain rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in record time, his biggest challenge may just be to raise his goal towards the Alberta Cancer Foundation. Alberta Primetime spoke to Laval and his wife Janet about his journey. To donate to to the Confront Cancer Ocean Row you can click HERE. Watch interview HERE.

St. Albert Gazette - Across The Ocean in 45 Days

August 31, 2016

It wasn’t just because it was there. It was also because there are far greater challenges that so many others must face.

Perhaps Laval St. Germain might paraphrase the famous quote from Everest-climbing George Mallory when talking about his own reasons for his recent 4,500-kilometre solo rowing adventure across the Atlantic Ocean.

Read St. Albert Gazette story HERE.

Calgary Herald - Calgary adventurer reflects on triumph, tragedy and taking the roads less travelled

August 26, 2016

When it came to his mode of transport, St. Germain relied on a 1.5 by 6.3-metre custom-built craft that features, he says with a laugh, “a cockpit about four times the size of our dishwasher.” It also boasts the ability to roll inverted and right itself. “The cockpit is fully enclosed, complete with a waterproof door.” Read Calgary Herald HERE.

Metro Calgary - Calgary adventurer rows to France in support of Alberta Cancer Foundation

August 22, 2016

The lifelong prairie-boy and professional pilot took to the water, rowing solo across the Atlantic from Halifax, NS to Brest, France.
St. Germain not only took a more difficult route (most rowers go with the trade wins from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean), but he also did it in record time: 53 days, 8 hours and 26 minutes.
To put that in perspective, he had anticipated it taking as long as 100 days to cross the roughly 4,500 kilometres of open water. Read Metro News HERE.

CTV Morning Live Calgary with Laval St. Germain

August 17, 2016

In record time, Calgary-based adventurer Laval St. Germain rowed across the Atlantic 4500 km in 53 days. This Confront Cancer Ocean Row was in support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation. Now that St. Germain has reached his goal rowing solo across the ocean, he wants to reach his other goal of raising $200,000 towards the Tom Baker Cancer Unit for clinical trials. You can still donate at www.lavalstgermain.com.


St. Germain talked to CTV Morning Live Aisling Tomei to share his story. Including, what was the one thing you craved while at sea? Watch HERE to find out. 

BT Calgary with Laval St. Germain

August 15, 2016

Laval St. Germain made it across the Atlantic Ocean - breaking a world record - in just 53 days from Halifax to France. His Confront Cancer Ocean Row was in support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation. You can still donate at www.lavalstgermain.com. He had the chance to sit down with Ted Henley to talk about his adventure.  Watch his interview here

CBC Land Ho! Laval St. Germain has arrived in Brest, France

August 08, 2016

Laval St. Germain has made it to Brest, France in record time. The Confront Cancer Ocean Row has come to an end. St. Germain spoke to David Gray from CBC The Eyeopener in Calgary one day after arriving. Listen to the Audio Vault for the interview, track 11.

TSN Winnipeg with Rick Ralph

August 05, 2016

Laval St. Germain is only days away from reaching his destination of Brest, France. St. Germain left Halifax June 15 for a 4500km solo ocean row.  Anticipating 90-100 days at sea, St. Germain is three weeks ahead of schedule. Raising funds and awareness towards the Confront Cancer Ocean Row in support of The Alberta Cancer Foundation, TSN Winnipeg host Rick Ralph talks to St. Germain about his adventure this far. Listen to the inverview in the Audio Vault track 1.

Almost There 660 News Calgary

August 04, 2016

Laval St. Germain, a Calgary-based adventurer is crediting incredible winds that are pushing him closer to his destination. St. Germain left Halifax June 15th and is making record time. Audrey Whelan from 660 News had the chance to catch up with St. Germain via satellite phone.  Listen to the Audio Vault track 2 for the clip.

CTV Morning Live Calgary From Atlantic Ocean

July 27, 2016

Laval St. Germain is getting closer and closer to Brest France. After leaving the Halifax harbour June 15, St. Germain is three weeks ahead of schedule. He's captured some incredible video of his Confront Cancer Ocean Row. Talking to Jefferson Humphreys, St. Germain shares some scary moments to some beautiful moments. 

Calgary Today Angela Kokott News Talk 770

July 26, 2016

What's your adventure? Angela Kokott, host of Calgary Today on News Talk 770 had Laval St. Germain on for a conversation about adventure. St. Germain is on the Confront Cancer Ocean Row and is three weeks ahead of schedule. Learn more about his adventure. Listen to his interview in the Audio Vault track 3

Alberta Morning News with Peter Watts

July 16, 2016

Peter Watts from Alberta Morning News on News Talk 770 in Calgary and 630 CHED in Edmonton talks to Laval St. Germain via satellite to catch up with the adventurer on his Confront Cancer Ocean Row. Find out what kinds of wildlife St. Germain has encountered and how his row is going so far.  Listen to interview in Audio Vault track 4.

Alberta Primetime Rowing Across The Ocean For Cancer Research

July 21, 2016

Calling from his satellite phone in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Laval St. Germain updates Michael Higgins form Alberta Primetime. St. Germain is a Calgary-based adventurer who is rowing across from Halifax to Brest, France to raise funds and awareness towards the Alberta Cancer Foundations for the #ConfrontCancerOceanRow. 

Huffington Post UK Lifestyle Liberty Forrest Interviews Laval St. Germain

July 21, 2016

Laval St Germain: From Scared Little Boy to Rowing 4500 km Across the Atlantic - Alone

Encouraged by his father to be an avid reader, a young Laval St Germain devoured books about adventures, expeditions and explorers. He loved the Hardy BoysErnest Hemingway, Tarzan, and National Geographic. He dreamed of scaling mountain peaks, crossing burning deserts, and riding out stormy seas.

CBC Eyeopener Solo Ocean Row Update

July 08, 2016

Calgary-based adventurer Laval St. Germain talked to CBC's David Gray 20 days into his Confront Cancer Ocean Row. From near miss of a Warship to the incredible wildlife that keeps him up at night.  St. Germain's goal is to raise $200,000 for the Alberta Cancer Foundations. Listen to interview in Audio Vault track 5

Donate and follow Laval here www.confrontcanceroceanrow.com

660 News Calgary Laval St. Germain 20 Days of Rowing

July 07, 2016

Calgalry-based adventurer Laval St. Germain is 20 days in to the Confront Cancer Ocean Row across the Atlantic Ocean. St. Germain encounters big but beautiful wildlife on his journey, including a whale who made his presence known. Listen to clip in Audio Vault track 6.

To donate to the Confront Cancer Ocean Row to the Alberta Cancer Foundation visit www.confrontcanceroceanrow.com.

Global Halifax with Laval St. Germain

June 10, 2016

Laval St. Germain is a Calgary-based adventurer. He's getting ready to set out on the Atlantic Ocean for the Confront Cancer Ocean Row, rowing across from Halifax to France. Global Halifax caught up with St. Germain before he left. St. Germain anticipates 90 to 100 days at sea. But he's fully prepared and is anticipating any issues that may come up.